Edgewater was founded by Henry Hudson and settled by Frenchman, it was originally a fishing community. In 1894 Edgewater was incorporated as a municipality in 1894, as the Borough of Undercliff, 5 years later the borough was changed to Edgewater. The Edgewater serves public school students Kindergarten through sixth grade, for grade 7-12 students are sent to attend Leonia Public School. Grade 7-8 attend Leonia Middle School and 9-12 go to Leonia High school. Edgewater has so much to offer, from it’s five main shopping centers, to abundant amount of restaurants, a movie theatre, golfing range, many living choices and a close proximity to New York City. Popular eateries Edgewater has to offer include The River Palm, Flemings Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Outback, The Crab House and many more delicious spots! With a view like no other and as close as to the city as you can get Edgewater will give you the life of a New Yorker on the Jersey side and without paying New York prices!